Awareness + Acceptance = Empowerment

Originally posted on Living Well with Parkinsons Disease:
As Parkinson’s Awareness Month comes to a close, we are reminded that this is not the end of our work, but rather the foundation upon which we will build another year of activities focused on helping to develop improved treatments and new strategies for living well with…

Thriving with Parkinson’s Disease

  This is a summary of the talk given by Dr.Stephen Grill, from the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Centers of Maryland,  at the PFNCA Symposium on March 28th, 2015.  Any mistakes are my own.  Slides of Dr. Grill’s talks are now online at the PFNCA site. It is entirely possible to thrive with Parkinson’s Disease. […]

YOU are April’s Guest Speaker!

While our next meeting is on April Fools Day, this is not a trick.   Our next meeting will highlight travel.  We finally have winter behind us and our minds can drift to travel, whether it be a cruise, a car trip to visit family far away, a beach or foreign travel.   YOU ARE […]

Parkinson’s Disease- Causes, Management, Treatment and Research

As part of our topic, How to Get the Most of Your Neurologist Appointment”, we were fortunate to be able to have Dr. Nicole Dietz speak to our group.  She was very informative, generous with her time and patient with our questions.  She said she’d be happy to return and we would warmly welcome her […]

Coming Up: Meeting on March 4th with Dr. Nicole Dietz

We are very excited  that Dr. Nicole Dietz will be speaking at our next meeting on March 4th.  What an opportunity to learn more about managing your PD medical experience in such an intimate setting with a neurologist. While I asked her to address how to make the most of our neurologist appointments, I’m sure there are other […]

What Would You Ask A Neurologist if You Had a Chance?

Most people with Parkinson’s Disease visit their neurologist every 4 months or about 3 times a year (see how I did the math?  Impressive,right?). Of course, you sometimes need a visit in-between but these are the planned for appointments.  My question is how do we make the most of our regular appointments?  Specifically: • How […]

Thanks to Parkinson’s Disease

A warm sunny day greeted our February support group meeting. The gathering was just as welcome as the weather and we covered a wide range of subjects and concerns.  First, though, I want to acknowledge the growth of our numbers.  With four new members attending this meeting, our rolls have swollen to twenty!!  I take, however, the mixed attitude […]

February Meeting – The Blessings and Challenges of Relationships

Our February meeting is fast approaching!  Since our January meeting was cancelled  due to predicted bad weather, hopefully February 4th will be a dry and sunny day. It’ll be good to get together again.  Just in case the weather isn’t great, we have permission to use our meeting room the following Wednesday (the 11th) at 1pm. In […]

New Breakthroughs in Parkinson’s Medications

Some good news!  Two new Parkinson’s disease medications have just been approved by the FDA.  Here are links to read more.  The one pump version, Duopa, has been used in Europe since 2004.  It works by by-passing the stomach and going right into the small intestine.  There are a couple very good explanations in the […]

Holiday Season Stress and Parkinson’s Disease

Holiday Stress The subject alone brought in some of our members who hadn’t thought they’d be able to join us.  No matter whether you’re a laid-back holiday person or someone who really goes out for the season, holiday stress sneaks in.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or any other annual festivity, there’s no denying it. […]