Should You Be Driving? Podcast summary

This is posted on the Fair Oaks Parkinson’s site but just in case you missed it, I’m posting it here. Don’t we all wonder about the driving question? This is factual and positive with strategies to stay in driving shape.

Fair Oaks Parkinson's Support Group

Thank you, Lu, for sending the information about this podcast last week, listening to it, AND sending this summary for us!

This podcast available through with Dr. Howard Kalter, neuropsychologist, creator of the Cognitive Behavioral Driving Inventory
October 3, 2014, Noon

Should You Be Driving?

Capacity vs. Competency

Capacity is the ability to be able to communicate a choice and the reasoning behind it.  It also allows one to remember conversation, to identify their illness and their treatment options.  It requires Executive Function (see below).   Competency means functionally adequate, to have enough knowledge, strength, skill and the ability to navigate.

Executive Function

The Frontal Lobe is where Executive Functioning occurs.  If the frontal lobe is affected, one is unable to use learning strategies, to have the ability to repeat back information, to respond appropriately socially,  They can be behaviorally labile which means they cry easily, demonstrate apathy, are unable to…

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