The Essential Garment Closures for any Parkinson’s Woman: By Maria De Leon

Once more to the well! Dr. De Leon has a fabulous post here on picking clothing items we can handle even on a bad day – and still look great! Her post helps us make wise garment choices so we can prove yet again that we’re more than our disease.

Parkinsons Diva

It seems that as we get older we begin to forget faces, names, followed by pulling up our zippers then pulling our zippers down. However, I caution not to stand too close to strangers lest we forget which is our own zipper and pull someone else’s down!

As I said before, it’s hard being a woman keeping it all together balancing family, career, and Parkinson’s disease. We have a hard enough time getting up getting dressed and showing up on time where we need to be because our clumsy, shaky, dystonic hands make it difficult for us at times to use traditional garment closures such as small buttons. So in order to make our lives easier we have to learn to compromise and use our creativity and find garments which are both stylish yet practical to wear. My wardrobe has changed only in the types of closures I seek when I purchase my clothes without sacrificing…

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