Tips to Over come Communication Impairment in PD: By Dr. De Leon


As we near the WPC 2016 which will be held in Portland, Oregon this of the topics of great interest being presented is one of communication impairment.

First, we must look at what is meant by communication. The word  “communication”  implies the usage of  a deeper and complex network of interconnected neurons in the brain actively working to conceive, send, receive, and interpret  auditory, written as well as verbal & non- verbal messages. A problem or disruption at any point in this chain and we have ineffective or impaired communication. And as well all know ineffective or poorly executed communication can lead to disastrous outcomes.

For instance, there is a well known story which highlights this problem, a message given by a British Army Commander which stated: “Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance.”

However,  reinforcements NEVER arrived because message received at command center said instead:

“Send three and four-pence, we’re going…

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  1. Good advice which should be taken/ Thanks. Francine

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