Bowels and Bladders

While we were all putting our umbrellas up and down and being honored and feted on Mother’s Day, the month of May slipped by unnoticed. June is about to start so that means it’s time for a meeting.

And what a meeting we have lined up. It’s the topic no one wants to talk about and everyone needs to talk about. Mary called it “Bowels and Bladders”.  As we know, Parkinson’s disease affects the autonomic nervous system.     We have a wonderful guest speaker, Carrie Pagliano

And thanks again to Mary for finding us such a quality speaker. I encourage you to click on the above link and see all she covers in her practice before the meeting.. We hope to take 30 minutes before or after the speaker to get an idea of topics you would like to see for next year.  I’ve  been approached by another DBS Rep  who would like to introduce us to  information about his product.  An occupational therapist has offered to speak to us. But I want speakers to be worth the lost support time.
Don’t forget your bags if you intend to go the farmers market,located in the parking lot of our meeting space.

To remind you, there’ll be a summer break with no meetings in July or August.’so don’t miss this last group until fall.


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