Family Support Team

Activate the Imaginable

A “Family Support Team” is extremely important when you have a chronic progressive disease like Parkinson’s.  I’ve always had family that would do anything for each other, however, now I realize how blessed I am to have so many siblings and their families.  We have always been close, but I feel the bond is getting stronger each day.

Since my diagnoses, I’ve had family clean house, grocery shop, drive me places, attend Parkinson’s events, fundraise, play at the beach and in the snow, plus send me a cheerful note or two.  These are things that families go out of their way to do and  I am so thankful to have so many.

A family is not only blood, but also close friends.   I want them to know how grateful I am to them.  Friends that make a call, get me out of house to go to lunch, Facebook me…

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