Awareness + Acceptance = Empowerment

Wise words on how to continue the PD Awareness month. I like her Declaration of Acceptance. I may have to try me own. What would yours look like? A shout of thanks to Angela Robb who found this and pasted it on her blog for the Fairfax City Support Group.

Living Well with Parkinsons Disease


As Parkinson’s Awareness Month comes to a close, we are reminded that this is not the end of our work, but rather the foundation upon which we will build another year of activities focused on helping to develop improved treatments and new strategies for living well with Parkinson’s. This chronic condition is a game changer, regardless of our age at onset or whether our symptoms are tremor or rigidity dominant. The sooner we accept our diagnosis, the sooner we understand that it isn’t a death sentence and can learn how best to live with it. There is no return to “normal,” to the way things were before Parkinson’s hijacked our brains. By adapting to the changes this condition brings, however, we can create a new normal that will allow us to continue leading rich and full lives, albeit different than those we enjoyed prior to our becoming ill. Below are…

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