May 1 Zoom Meeting Announcement

We are honored to welcome as our guest speaker this month Amelia Faraco-Hadlock, Deputy Legislative Director for Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (representing Virginia’s 10th Congressional District). Amelia handles the Congresswoman’s Health portfolio and has been working very closely with Congresswoman Wexton on the bipartisan National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act. She is scheduled for the first 30 minutes of our meeting, […]

April 3 In-Person Meeting Announcement: Just-Us Share Time

Our next meeting on April 3 will be an in-person meeting in Reston and dedicated to Just-Us Share Time. Let’s talk about those self-conscious and embarrassing moments that come with Parkinson’s. We’ve all experienced them. How have you handled them? With humor? With resignation? With that fright, flight, freeze feeling of panic? With grace and dignity? Do you […]

Preventing and Minimizing Falls — March 6 Meeting Notes

We welcomed Physical Therapist Yuliya Jackson to our March 6 Zoom meeting to speak to us about preventing and minimizing falls. As a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy and a Vestibular-Certified Specialist who is LSVT-BIG certified, she is well-versed on the topic. According to Yuliya, falls are a big problem! About 60% of people with Parkinson’s experience a […]

February 7 In-Person Meeting Announcement

Many of us have worked with physical therapists to improve our strength, balance, coordination, and movements, as well as speech therapists to address soft voice, swallowing and communication issues. Some of us have also participated in the LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD programs, developed specifically for Parkinson’s. What about Occupational Therapy, often referred to as OT. Where does […]