April Meeting Announcement & Other Area Events of Interest

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for flowers, foliage, and warm spring days. April cannot arrive too soon!

IMG_6101Our April meeting information:

Date:  Wednesday April 3
Time:  1.00 PM – 3.00 PM
Topic:  Could a cluttered life and house do be a sign of poorly controlled symptoms?
The Parkinsons Diva, Maria De Leon, thinks so and writes about it on her blog

Full of interesting observations about the ups and downs that come with chronic illness, such as: I think sometimes we as physicians miss the trees for the forest. We should really begin by asking basic questions like are you able to dress yourself in a normal fashion – never mind the falls, choking, dizzy spells and so on. What does your home life look like? Have there been any changes lately?

As a neurologist who also has Parkinson’s Disease, she suggests looking at degrees of untidiness as a sign that things are amiss.

What do you think? Her blog post is a great jumping off point for our group discussion.

Dr. Falconer, who was to be our April guest speaker, had a conflict in his schedule. We hope to have him visit in the fall, but if you’d like to hear him speak sooner, Parkinson Social Network is hosting him, along with Karl & Angela Robb, at their event, A Journey of Living Well with Parkinson’s, on Thursday April 11, from 6.00-7.30 PM at Tall Oaks at Reston. For more information click here.  You can RSVP (by April 1; space is limited) by calling 703-834-9800 or email RSVP@talloaksal.com

In other news, Parkinson Social Network is working with Katy Eurich, a professional dancer and dance instruction, to organize a Dance Class in Reston. More information here.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week!

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