2020/2021 Meeting Dates and Speaker Schedule

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. We do not meet during the summer months of July and August. Until further notice, all meetings will be held via Zoom.

October 7: Dr. Hilary Goetz, Psy.D, Neuropsychologist: Anxiety and Stress: Managing Mental Health With Parkinson’s

November 4: Yuliya Jackson, Physical/Vestibular Therapist: Vestibular Balance and Dizziness

December 2: Melanie Dorn, Speech Language Pathologist, LSVT/LOUD Certified Clinician, Certified Vocal Yoga Instructor: Breathing & Neck Rigidity + 30 Minute Yoga Session

January 6: Matt McKeon, Speech Therapist, LSVT/LOUD Certified Provider: Swallowing Issues

February 3:  Samantha Evans, ND, Seattle Integrative Medicine: Supplementing Traditional Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease With Diet, Exercise, and Other Naturopathic Approaches

March 3:  Dr. Hannah Walters, MD, Neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist: Dystonia & Dyskinesia: What’s the Difference Between Them and What Can be Done About Them

April 6: Shirlea North, PT, DPT, GCS, Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness, Inc.: Pelvic Strengthening and Continence

May 5: Kim Brooks: Exercise to Improve Body and Brain Function in PD

June 2: Virtual or (hopefully) outdoor fun get together