Our New Addition

Just in time to mark the beginning of our 4th  year of existence, our group has added to its membership benefits.

Last week, we sent out word of a private forum on line where members can talk to members and hear others opinions, as well as share news, talk about research  or even share a laugh.  There were of course, some stumbles in the  beginning but  we’ve got over half of the members either on or ready to join.

If you are a member of  WWPD and have not received your individual invitation to join the forum, send an email to us and we’ll check records (chances are we have an old email address or something similar).


One thought on “Our New Addition

  1. Hi

    Are you referring to the original 25 women who met in New Jersey four years ago? Yes, I was one of them. No I have not received an invitation.

    Due to my health,family situations, and no community commitment to become involved with PD, I had nothing to report on, so I have kept quiet.

    Please continue to include me in your correspondences, as we have seven + woman in our support group that meet monthly. I am in the process of organizing a “Summer Tea for those of us with PD”. Any one have ideas or suggestions?

    Best to you all.

    Barbara. Ford 2/67 Pawnee Path Stevensville MI 49127 269-313-3881

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