Aging in Place and Other Resources

I learned quite a bit at our last meeting about the challenges and solutions to aging in place, and was struck by the passion, energy, and commitment of Steve Gurney, our April speaker. I haven’t posted meeting notes yet, but did want to post links and contact information for the various resources Steve gave us, including his contact information for any questions anyone might have.

To order Steve Gurney’s free sourcebook

Greg Sieb, Modifications for Mobility & Accessibility at Home, W 703-433-0380

Steve Gurney, Cell/Text 703-966-6182

Jennifer Hammer, Director of Strategic Partnerships,  |  (360)-672-2184

One of our members asked me to share with the group: “I have been attending these in person dance classes and have really enjoyed them. The majority of the class, you are seated for a short segment at the barre and finally across the floor.  Adaptations are provided for all levels. Thought I would share since I have enjoyed this so much. Good networking and exercise. Classes are offered for free at the Fairfax campus of Georgia Mason University. More information can be found at 

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 4th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. via Zoom. Our guest speakers will be Angela and Karl Robb, who will talk on The Pursuit of Balance: Finding Your Recipe for Wellness. More information to follow but note on your calendars now! For those who’ve not heard them speak before, you are in for a real treat. Diagnosed in his early twenties, Karl has been living with Parkinson’s for over thirty years. He and Angela have authored a number of books, together and separately, and are extremely active in the Parkinson’s community. Their website is a fabulous resource:

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