September Meeting Agenda Makes it a No-Miss Event

Is September 2nd marked on your calendar? It is the first fall meeting of the Support Group and we’re kicking it off with a bang. We’ll start with a catch-up session to see how everyone is. Then at 1:30, Dr. Drew Falconer will join us to talk about our “favorite” disease – Parkinson’s.

Dr. Falconer and his partner, Dr. Sean Rogers have joined the Inova Medical Group, to provide a Movement Disorders Program. I mentioned earlier that I had heard both neurologists speak and they are very current on new technology and pharmaceutical treatments, having trained at Georgetown. Dr. Falconer is an interesting speaker and can answer your questions.  So bring them on!

AND, our group was given an autographed copy of a new release book. Entitled, “Parkinson’s Diva: A Woman’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease”, chapters include”Raising Children when Mom has Parkinson’s”, Beauty tips for Parkinson’s Diva” and ” Four Keys to Unlocking Happiness in the Midst of PD”.

So put a circle on September 2nd on the calendar and maybe add a red star. That’ll be the day we get together again, support one another, learn from Dr. Falconer and take a chance on winning the book.

One thought on “September Meeting Agenda Makes it a No-Miss Event

  1. I will be there and can bring water . We also have Dr Falconer coming to the Fair Oaks Group on Sept 26 th. Donna

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