Walking Off Parkinson’s in Washington, DC

The local Parkinson’s charitable foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA), held its annual fundraising walk, “Walk off Parkinson’s, this morning.  As before, it was held at the MLB Washington Nationals stadium, Nats Park.  The stadium itself is a good draw, it’s the one time you can go to DC and 1) find parking and […]

September Meeting Agenda Makes it a No-Miss Event

Is September 2nd marked on your calendar? It is the first fall meeting of the Support Group and we’re kicking it off with a bang. We’ll start with a catch-up session to see how everyone is. Then at 1:30, Dr. Drew Falconer will join us to talk about our “favorite” disease – Parkinson’s. Dr. Falconer […]

The First WWPD Fall Workshop – Planning Stages

I have had a few opportunities/challenges in the last few weeks, ones that require skill-sets I lack. What I have learned is that people in this Parkinson’s  community are sharp,  have had vast experiences to bring to any table, are generous with their time and talents and are delightful people to be around.  Our July […]

In Sickness and In Health: Caring For Each Other

We are so lucky, many of us, to have a spouse or other close family member to act as caregiver.  And there are many support groups, articles,  books and advisers to tell these people how not to burn out so as to be useful to their spouses. For this post, however, we’re addressing spouses who are the […]

Thoughts on the PFNCA Symposium

Ladies, I spent yesterday at the PFNCA Symposium.  It was a wonderful, educational experience and I recommend you attend one at some point. One of the best things, to me, was discovering how many people I have come to know and realizing that, indeed I’ve become part of this community.  I was happy to see […]

YOU are April’s Guest Speaker!

While our next meeting is on April Fools Day, this is not a trick.   Our next meeting will highlight travel.  We finally have winter behind us and our minds can drift to travel, whether it be a cruise, a car trip to visit family far away, a beach or foreign travel.   YOU ARE […]