Dear Abby – Advice from the Membership: Starting on Rytary

Every so often  a member will ask to speak to anyone in the group who has experience with something they are going through.  Usually, I broadcast the question and then forward who they could contact.  Yesterday’s subject was put to us as this: Opinions and advice requested on this Rytary question.  (Rytary is a new […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Today, we took a break from more serious topics and tackled travel. Not a tough topic, although it was laced with the aspect of traveling with a chronic disease.    Our thanks to one of our members with her humorous story about how she got the nickname, “Crash”,  through her many travels.  Let’s just say […]

YOU are April’s Guest Speaker!

While our next meeting is on April Fools Day, this is not a trick.   Our next meeting will highlight travel.  We finally have winter behind us and our minds can drift to travel, whether it be a cruise, a car trip to visit family far away, a beach or foreign travel.   YOU ARE […]