Blame It On Parkinson’s

Thank you to everyone who came to our June meeting. It was good to see everyone. There were a few lunch order issues and apologies to those who were affected. Appreciate your understanding. I am going to blame it on Parkinson’s.  As Dr. Rogers said at our April Meeting, Parkinson’s can be blamed for almost everything as it affects every part of the body.

If you missed the HAKA to Fight Parkinson’s demonstration, click here to view it.

June was our last formal meeting until September. During July and August, although we have no planned meetings, we do on occasion get together for lunch or a movie or another activity. If you’d like to be added to the list to be notified of any of these last minute get togethers, please email

Our group of women is growing! We get calls and emails all the time. If this is your first time visiting our website, WELCOME!  We look forward to meeting you. A brief update from our founding member for interested and prospective members, as well as all our current members:

“Women With Parkinson’s Disease (WWPD) has been around since 2014. Our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 1.00-3.00 p.m. in Reston. Over the years we’ve had six visits by area neurologists; a general practitioner who talked about normal aging; instructors of yoga, quigong, tai chi, meditation, and Reiki; proponents of massage and acupuncture. Physical, speech, and occupational therapists have come to offer information, instruction and encouragement. One of our more informative speakers, an expert on the subject, discussed everything you ever wanted to know about bowels and bladders but (previously) had no one to ask.

“We are a support group, not a lecture series. With that in mind, we leave time in every meeting for loosely structured discussions. We also look inward. We’ve had some fantastic meetings sharing our writing, art, or poetry, and those of artists we admire. We love to eat too and have shared lunches together out in restaurants and with potluck offerings, brown bag, or ordered meals at our meeting location.”

I aim to update our website several times a month. There is some great information here I encourage you to read (not all of it written by me!). I hope the format is user-friendly; we are working with a WordPress template, so are limited by that template. I wish the SHOW button on the top left corner of the webpage could say MENU, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Clicking SHOW opens up a menu offering links to helpful information, upcoming meeting dates, and past blog posts.

On a personal note, I’d like to add my appreciation for our founding member whose vision, positivity, and enthusiasm created our group five years ago and whose hard work in planning and coordinating our meetings keeps it going. I want to acknowledge all our courage. Living with this disease is not for the tame of heart. You women of WWPD bolster me up when I am falling over.  I hope the hand I extend to you when needed steadies you in return. I appreciate each and everyone one of you–your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your understanding, your support, and especially your friendships. In a note of positivity, I am going to blame Parkinson’s for all of this good stuff too.

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