My Friends, This One is for You!

Hey, all you group members out there, this post is dedicated to YOU!

When we first met, we were so happy to find that there were others out there facing some of the same challenges as ourselves.  We weren’t alone in the daily slog of tackling our Parkinson’s Disease.  To repeat one of my favorite comments, one of you walked in for your first time, looked around  and said, “How wonderful that there are so many of you”.  A moment  later, she spoke again, saying, ” But how depressing to see how many there are”.  Yes, it’s both so we have learned to accept what is.

We’ve had wonderful speakers – doctors, therapists, authors, nutritionists, alternative therapy specialists and more.  Between us, we exercise by swimming, yoga, tai chi, boxing,, walking, dancing and some I’m forgetting. Some have been inspired to try something new after hearing it discussed. We welcome new members and I think they feel it because not many have only come once. We’ve learned from each other in so many way and over time, this support group has become a welcoming group of friends.  We welcome new members  and I think they feel it because not many have only come once.

Lately, I’ve noticed a new trend.  Members are reaching out to each other for advice.  “Hey, does anyone know if this is a regular side effect?”, “Is anyone going to this event and want to share costs?, ” Can anyone give me a ride?” “What is your advice on this?  or that?”    Some of it is direct, some of it is channeled through me but either way, I feel the trust and sense of community growing in the group.  It feels GREAT!  So thanks to all the members and, if you’re not one but would like to be, just let us know.


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