October 4th In-Person Meeting Announcement

Meeting Details: 
        Date:  Wednesday, October 4
        Time:  1:00-2:30 pm 
        Place: Our usual classroom location 
        Topic:  Just-Us Share Time

OUR PERSONAL PARKINSON’S JOURNEY. NIH defines Parkinson’s as “a chronic, progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by both motor and non-motor features.” That’s a pretty vague definition, if you ask me. So I googled Parkinson’s symptoms for more specifics and got more sites than I could probably read in a month. It’s nice to know the support is out there.

One site listed 11 motor and 20 non-motor symptoms and those were just the early signs! I don’t think anyone experiences all those symptoms, at least not at the same time. Thank goodness, but with all those symptoms to pick and choose from, no wonder Parkinson’s is considered a designer disease. Each individual will have a different set of symptoms and a different progression, so that everyone’s experience is unique.

For our October Just Us-Share Time, we are going to talk about Our Personal Parkinson’s Journey. Our overall experience, our most bothersome or concerning symptom(s), our progression or non-progression over the past year or years, our accompanying hopes and fears, our adaptations, and whatever else your journey includes. Your experience is as unique as the disease symptoms and progression.

As always, share at your level of comfort. Our intention is to have an open discussion of our personal discoveries and insights along with sharing practical and helpful information in support of each other.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that you not attend if you are feeling ill, or have been exposed to anyone who is ill. By agreement with our sponsoring organization, we do not publicly post our meeting place.

Dates and topics for meetings through June 2024 can be found here

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