Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Today, we took a break from more serious topics and tackled travel. Not a tough topic, although it was laced with the aspect of traveling with a chronic disease.    Our thanks to one of our members with her humorous story about how she got the nickname, “Crash”,  through her many travels.  Let’s just say that she won’t be the travel director for this group!  But it was just the right tone for the opening of the topic and I appreciate her being willing to laugh at herself and let us laugh along with her.


Cruises, cruises, cruises….. everyone loves cruises!  I’ve never taken one but may have to reconsider.    They seem to be a great way to see a variety of different places in a relatively short time, and offer an ability to travel in/on a luxury resort that happens to float!  Food seems to be delicious, plentiful and available.  Amenities usually include pools but there are also fitness centers, tracks for running and one apparently even has an ice-rink.  Some women expressed a preference  for the smaller cruise lines, others loved the cruise lines designed to be family-friendly.  Whatever way you go, they all seem to be accessible for people with physical challenges.  As to where your cabin would be, one said some cabins have balconies – wouldn’t that be nice?  But another experienced traveler said that if you are inclined to sea-sickness, the lower cabins would be kinder to you.

Other tips :

  • Going to Florida?  One of our members finds the auto-train a great way to go.  Your car travels with you as  your ride overnight from Lorton, Virginia and wake up outside Orlando
  • Road trip?  Plan time to stop and stretch to arrive without the stiffness that can set in after a long ride.
  • Rode Scholar Travel has a wide variety of travel programs available.

Art Therapy

One of our members invited an art therapist, Sue Ann Hastings, to come explain what it is and give us a taste of it.  It was very interesting and we participated in one exercise just to see how it would inform us.  We’d love to have Sue Ann come back when she has more time to work with the group.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


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