April Meeting Today

 Just a reminder of our meeting on April 5,  please join us for our guest speaker,Trisha Stotler, of Insight Life Services.  Check her out on the web at http://www.insightlifeservices.com .She will be talking about meditation, one of the complementary  methods of treating our symptoms. Studies have also shown that  meditation can help prevent or delay dementia ,especially  when practiced with yoga, too.
April Meeting- – LUNCH!
There was interest expressed last month for lunch this time.After speaking with a few members, I  decided  to offer up a pot-luck lunch instead of a restaurant.  It allows for more socializing and easily accommodates special dietary preferences.  I ask for the following:
  • 4 or 5 main dishes- salads or sandwich platters
  • a few  sides  (chips, fruit, etc)
  • Napkins, plates
  • Waters
  • Plastic silverware
  • A couple simple desserts
If you’re bringing food, try to arrive around  noon so we can set up.  Every one else can arrive closer to 12:15.If we don’t need you to bring food this time, you can help clean up in time for our meeting to start.
Future  Speakers
2017  looks to be an exciting year for speakers  and we have each of you to thank. Doctors and others tell me that that they hear lots of positive comments about our group. That make them want to play a part along with therapists and other experts.  Lined up and committed so far include:
  • Maura Seghrue, MD (May)
  • June is speaker -free  purposely  as the fial meeting before summer break.
  • Randy Stephenson, MD
  • Joy McLaughlin, PT
  • Other possible speakers include Susan Wranik- MS, MA, CCC-SLP  (Great speaker at the Symposium).
See you next week! 

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