December Meeting Information plus Resources & Websites

It was great seeing everyone last month. We missed a few members who usually attend. Hoping everyone can join us at our December meeting for some holiday festivities.
  Wednesday December 4th
  1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
  Holiday potluck and gift exchange

Please bring a dish to share if you can. It is not a requirement to attend the meeting! I will bring the nonalcoholic “champagne” like last year. Plastic cups, cutlery, paper plates and napkins will be provided. On the food, no need to let us know what you plan to bring. Most potlucks turn out with a varied menu.

In addition to eating, there will be a fun gift exchange game for those who want to play. If you wish to participate, please bring a wrapped gift around $10.00.


At the November meeting, members shared and some requested information about Dr. Laurie Mischley and MBSR (Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program). Here’s what my research found:

Dr. Laurie K. Mischley is a Naturopathic Physician at Seattle Integrative Medicine who works exclusively with patients with Parkinson’s disease. As a clinical researcher, she has worked with the FDA, NIH, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. She presents frequently at conferences; here’s a link to a video presentation on Naturopathic Medicine in PD Research Update.

It looks like the Parkinson’s Foundation is planning a free online video presentation of Dr. Mischley on March 17, 2020, 1:00 p.m. ET, Food, Water, & Supplements: Does Nutrition Play a Role in PD Symptoms or Progression? In addition to the writer’s experience at Dr. Mischley’s Parkinson’s Disease Summer School, the site offers research updates and article links.

Dr. Mischley consults with patients in person as well as remotely (via video conferencing), as one of our newer members has done. She is not opposed to medication, but interested in diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements as complementary therapies. I participated in her online research study, which spanned several years, responding to survey question four times a year about symptoms, medication, progression, exercise, and diet, among other things.

Some of her research findings from this study on Diet, Exercise & Supplements in PD Progression:
*  Slows Progression: Fresh veggies, fresh fruit, nuts & seeds, olive oil/coconut oil, wine, fresh herbs/spices.
*  Speeds Progression: Red meat/processed meat, dairy (cheese, yogurt, ice cream), fried foods, soda/diet soda, canned fruit, canned veggies. (She attributes the canned food and red meat–which surprised her–to iron content.)
*  Exercise: Recommendation is 30 minutes a day/7 days a week
*  More of her research findings on PD from Patient Perspective and Cannabis and PD Tremor

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction): I asked my Mindfulness teacher (who is not offering any MBSR classes right now) for a recommendation and she wrote: Karyn Sandelman teaches MBSR in this area and she’s great! Here’s her website:

A good article fully explaining MBSR–what it is, how it can help, some exercises and techniques, and more–can be found here. 

Some Member Provided Resources:
Parkinson’s Life: Lots of great information here, including articles and podcasts dedicated to Women and Parkinson’s.

Nutrition U Can Live WithA nutritionist’s website geared toward nutritional needs and issues of people with Parkinson’s, offering recipes and other helpful information.

Ashburn Support Group: One of our members who recently moved to Loudoun County asked if there were a support group in the area. I know a number of you on our list also live in Loudoun County. In response to Lu’s request, Sonia Gow sent the following information about the Ashburn support group:

Loudoun County PD Support Group
When: 1st Tuesday Monthly at 1:30 PM
Where: Ashby Ponds
21170 Ashby Ponds Blvd., Ashburn VA 20147
Contact: Gary Heinberg (703) 303-4446

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