For Our June 5 Meeting ~ We’re Going to Eat and HAKA

Our June meeting is going to be so much fun!
Wednesday, June 5  
1.00 – 3.00 p.m.
We traditionally have a luncheon in June since it’s our last meeting until September. (We do not meet as a formal group in July and August.)
This month’s lunch will be delivered by Corner Bakery. 
If you prefer, you can bring your own lunch or just come as you are.
And we’ll be doing more than eating . . . and talking . . .
Move over Parkinson’s; HAKA is here!
For a special after lunch treat, we will learn HAKA to Fight Parkinson’s from some of the PT(s) at the Virginian Outpatient Rehab department.
What’s HAKA? Click here for a sneak preview. Our own live demonstration at the June meeting plus a chance to learn some of these moves ourselves! 
Look forward to seeing everyone!

One thought on “For Our June 5 Meeting ~ We’re Going to Eat and HAKA

  1. I would love to come to your meetings, but unfortunately it is too far for me to drive. Does anyone live in the Springfield area who would be willing to give me a ride? I’d be happy to meet somewhere more convenient for you. THANKS!![

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