Isn’t She Terrific?

I love doing the blog for WWPD but my eye issues have really made it a challenge. I was grateful when a fellow traveller offered to help me get it back up to date and make it a more vigorous instrument for all of us- those who make the meetings, those who can’t, future speakers and those who are curious about who we are and what what we do and why we exist.

I sincerely am grateful for the assistance.  If you see a gap that you can fill – an article you write or find , notice of a local PD opportunity – let us know.  This group belongs to all of us and can only get richer with each contribution.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t She Terrific?

  1. I too have PD and had eye issues but was advised to go on Fish Oil Omega over counter pills. I take over the required three and strive for 5 or 6/day and voila after a couple months have resolved most of my eye problems.

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