Looking Forward to Fall

What an exciting summer it has been, working on the planned fall seminar for other affected women in search of a support group that’s right for them.  Since the group took August off, most of the effort has been by email or small groups.  Someone told me that it was important that the group participated and I do believe many did.

Unfortunately, logistics will make it necessary to pull the program for now. Schedule conflicts arose with some of our generous presenters and we didn’t want to put on  a lackluster event.  It may be rescheduled  in a few months, but for now, it’s a no-go.  Thank you to everyone who offered advice and/or help.  Hopefully, we’ll see you in different venues.

In my opinion, the member who has been storing up Parkinson’s jokes for our event should still share at the next meeting.  If you know one , come and share it with the group.

De Leon Book Cover


In the Meantime:

There’s much to look forward to.  We are having a casual lunch next Tuesday in Reston.  An email was sent to everyone on our mailing list.  We look forward to catching up with one another.  Then, we’re back on schedule with our regular meeting on the first Wednesday in September.  There’ll be new faces to meet and new topics to discuss so we look forward to seeing everyone there.    And there’s a bonus.  Maria De Leon, MD, who has been re-blogged  and has posted here, has written a wonderful book entitled, Parkinson’s Diva – A Woman’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease.  She donated a copy to be a door prized at our event and was kind enough to inscribe and autograph it.  With the delay in the program, I’m sure she’ll be happy to have it be the door prize at our September meeting.  We may all want our own copy; it hits a lot of issues we discuss.

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    To the women of Parkinson’s disease support group..keep sparkling…I will be forwarding some diva magnets and another book your way..hope to meet each and everyone of you soon…in meantime sending lots of hugs..,if you have a chance pick up a copy of my recent article on Parkinson’s in September issue of Family Circle Magazine! 👠💃🏻🍫💄

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