Lunch and New Year Plans for WWPD

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season surrounded by friends and family. New Years Day has come and gone as everyone’s daily lives resume. Hopefully, this group has become a regular part of your lives as well.

At the December meeting, we discussed meeting for lunch in January instead of our usual meeting. I asked members to shoot me an email and let me know what they preferred. The results were nearly unanimous! Most of us want to take another week to catch our breath after the holidays. So instead of meeting the first Wednesday in January (the 7th), we are meeting instead for lunch on Wednesday, January the 14th.  An email has been sent out to all members with the details.  Contact me if you did not get the email.

My sincere regrets to the couple of members who told me this wouldn’t work for them. Please don’t feel your needs were discounted. We really hope to see you in February at our meeting on Wednesday, February 4th.

In keeping with the social setting, we won’t have a formal discussion.  Let’s just get to know one another better, see how we handled the excitement and demands of the holidays and relax.  This will be a chance to lay out topics  for the next few months.

The contact list will be updated and sent out by the next meeting.  Remember, one of its purposes is to allow members to reach out when they are feeling isolated or alone.  Winter weather will surely provide the opportunity to test it out.

See you on the 14th!

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