New Ways to Get in the Game

I think nearly everyone either gets the Neurology Today magazine, whether it is delivered, picked up at the doctor’s office or read online. But I wanted to draw special attention to the article in the February/March 2016 edition entitled, “Try This at Home”. It discussed clinical trials, especially the difficulty getting volunteers. There are new ideas on how to best attract participants which include the medical staff coming to YOU or using smart-phones. Would the new ideas make you more likely to participate? What option would most encourage you to join in.  So, go on and read the article .

Then come back to comment on it here.  I’ll wait. ..

One thought on “New Ways to Get in the Game

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    thank you for posting this Lu, there is so much need for our involvement in this area- even filling out a survey can make a huge difference in the learning of this disease especially since only about a 1/3 of all research studies ever fill to be able to carried out-as van Gogh quipped; ” in order to understand green, we MUST first understand blue and yellow.”.. Hence need for research ! more on the subject & phases of research

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