November Meeting Reminder

I hope everyone is looking forward to our next meeting on November 5th from 1 – 2:30pm.. I’m excited to tell you that we have a permanent “home” and its pretty centrally located. Shoot me an email or give me a call if you need the location.   I tried mapping everyone’s address and it seems fairly central. . The location has plenty of parking, full handicapped accessibility, a large hall bathroom and privacy. Our group will be meeting in the Bridal Room. When you walk in the main entrance, you will see the entry doors to the worship space. The door for the Bridal Room is on the right before you reach the entry . I’ll try to get there early to catch everyone as they come in.

I thank the pastor for opening the doors to our group.

Just up the road, Fox Mill Shopping Center offers Glory Days as well as an Italian restaurant, a Thai place and a Chinese restaurant if anyone wants to meet up for lunch before the meeting, and a Starbucks if you just want to sit and visit afterward.

Transportation will remain an issue for some of us. If you are willing to provide transportation, even if just one way, send me an email. If you know you will need transportation, do the same. We’ll try to improvise ways to make it possible for all to attend.

Based on your interests indicated at the October 1 meeting, the November discussion will focus on depression and emotional issues connected with Parkinson’s. To keep it from being too dark a meeting, please share ways to fight the blues that work for you.  Remember to talk to your doctor about when to seek help and when depression is more than just being sad.

To those of you who will be able to attend for the first time, welcome! We look forward to having your input and experience.

Donna shared this link with me about new research at specifically women’s health issues with Parkinson’s. Its about time, right? .

See you on November 5th!

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