Virtual Meetings

Welcome to the Virtual Meeting Age! We are not really social distancing; we are physically distancing from each other. Through the wonders of the Internet, we can still socialize with one another and hold our monthly meetings.

Our last meeting on April 1 was held online. It was good to see those of you who logged on. We shared our experiences with obtaining food (and searching for the elusive toilet paper). We talked about shopping while remaining distanced from others in the grocery store, utilizing senior hours, food delivery issues, and more. We all acknowledged the stress.

Our Next Meeting Will (Once Again) Be Held Virtually:

          Date: Wednesday, May 6
          Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m. 
          Guest Speaker: Dr. Sean Rogers, Neurologist & Movement Disorder Specialist

Bring your questions! Dr. Rogers previously visited us in April 2019. Click here to review the valuable information he provided at that meeting. We look forward to hearing from him again. 

To preserve the privacy and confidentiality of our meetings (and due to some security issues of the App), information on how to join the meeting will be emailed the day before the meeting and not posted on our website.

Please plan to log on 15 minutes before the meeting begins (at 12.45 p.m.) so we are all settled in for Dr. Rogers at 1.00 p.m. 

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