The Importance of Speech Therapy–March Meeting Notes

Our guest speaker, Jill Fitzgerald, Speech Language Pathologist, discussed the importance of maintaining strong voicing and swallow function in people with Parkinson’s disease. Swallowing is a life-sustaining motor behavior that transports liquids and nutrients from the mouth to the throat to the esophagus to the stomach. Swallowing is also essential for airway protection. Dysphagia, or […]

Wednesday, April 6 Zoom Meeting Announcement

Our guest speaker for our next monthly meeting is Steve Gurney, Founder of the Positive Aging Sourcebook. Steve will lead an interactive discussion that explores challenges and solutions to Aging in Place. He will talk about universal design and remodeling, technology, innovative transportation options, health care, community resources, and much more. Come with your questions for this interactive […]

Springing Forward

Welcome Spring! Welcome Daylight Savings Time! It is so nice to have these longer, warmer, sunnier days. At our last meeting, we discussed Zoom vs in-person meetings and came to a group consensus to return to meeting in-person for those of us who felt comfortable and to accommodate those of us who didn’t by providing […]

March 9 Zoom Meeting Announcement

Our guest speaker this month is Speech Language Pathologist, Jill Fitzgerald. She will discuss the importance of therapeutic intervention and techniques to maintain strong voicing and swallow function, educating us on the anatomy of both voicing and swallowing, and the bodily mechanics involved. She will also address cognitive issues and how they can affect voicing and swallow function.  Date: Wednesday, March […]

Programs and Resources

The Programs and Resources listed here and elsewhere on our website have been provided to us by various sources and are being passed along for informational purposes only and not as an endorsement of any program, product, study opportunity, or service. Should you have any question about the suitability of any exercise or other program […]