June 3 ~ Zoom Meeting Announcement

June has traditionally been a social meeting. In years past, we’ve either gone out for lunch or shared a potluck meal or ordered in. This year was to have been a few hours of hair and make-up tips and being pampered, including a chair massage. Not looking back at what ‘could have been‘ as much as crediting our group leader, who sincerely hoped and prayed that this ‘pandammit’ would be old news and behind us by June, with a fabulous idea and acknowledging the work and care she put into setting it up. (I have to credit her to with this wonderful term pandammit too!)

Remember when you first got your Parkinson’s diagnosis and your whole world (along with your body) felt a bit off balance? Not knowing what would come next or what your new world would look like. That’s what Covid-19 feels like to me. Adjusting and adapting to an uncertain future all the while feeling isolated.

So let’s talk about it at our next meeting: Wednesday June 3, 1.00 – 3.00 p.m., via Zoom (link will be emailed)

How are you coping with the Covid-19 lockdown? What has changed most for you? What difficulties and challenges have you encountered? What has surprised you? What positives are you finding out of this experience? 

Don’t feel you have to address every question or these specifically. They are just to get you thinking. Bring with you anything on your mind.

Notes from Dr. Rogers’ visit last month are up on the website.

See everyone Wednesday. Stay safe and well!

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