News and September 9 Meeting Announcement

Hope everyone has had a good summer and continues to be safe and well. It appears that physical distancing will be with us until at least the end of 2020, if not longer. Thankfully there are many online classes and offerings to keep us moving and socializing. PFNCA offers a wide range of activities: exercise, communication club, dance, boxing, yoga, martial arts, choir— the list keeps on growing. All via Zoom. A complete schedule of PFNCA’s Online Wellness Classes can be accessed here. 

We will continue our monthly support group meetings via Zoom. For those of you who don’t have access to or feel comfortable signing into the meetings via your computer, there is also telephone access. Attending the meetings is just a cell phone call away. 

The inaugural meeting of the Women With Parkinson’s support group was in September 2014. Some of our members attended that first meeting six years ago, forging the path for future members. Our group continues to grow. Parkinson’s is a journey none of us ever wanted to embark on. It’s made more bearable by the support, encouragement, resources, information, trust, and friendships we offer each other. 

We have an exciting speaker line-up this year. We are still finalizing a few months, but meeting dates and confirmed speakers are listed below. Speakers will be scheduled for the first half of the meetings. After the speaker leaves, we will have some time to talk among ourselves. Note that you can click on the bolded/underlined text to link to more information.

Our Next Meeting date is Wednesday, September 9, 1.00 – 3.00 p.m. Our Guest Speaker: Dr. Zahra N. Rezvani, MD, PhD-Neurologist, will talk about Parkinson’s Disease and Related Sleep Disorders CANCELLED BY SPEAKER New Topic: Getting reacquainted after summer: sharing our summer activities and insights.

Zoom link will be sent out the day before the meeting. Please plan on signing on or calling in 10 minutes beforehand from a quiet place in your home to preserve the confidentiality of the group. 

Upcoming Meeting Schedule—Mark your calendars!

September 9: Dr. Zahra N. Rezvani, MD, PhD, Neurologist: Parkinson’s Disease and Related Sleep Disorders  CANCELLED BY SPEAKER. Getting reacquainted after summer: sharing our summer activities and insights.

October 7: Dr. Hilary Goetz, Psy.D, Neuropsychologist: Anxiety and Stress: Managing Mental Health With Parkinson’s

November 4: Yuliya Jackson, Physical/Vestibular Therapist: Vestibular Balance and Dizziness

December 2: Melanie Dorn, Speech Language Pathologist, LSVT/LOUD Certified Clinician, Certified Vocal Yoga Instructor: Breathing & Neck Rigidity + 30 Minute Yoga Session

January 6: Dr. Hannah Walters, MD, Neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist: Dystonia & Dyskinesia: What’s the Difference Between Them and What Can be Done About Them

February 3: Samantha Evans, ND, Seattle Integrative Medicine: Supplementing Traditional Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease With Diet, Exercise, and Other Naturopathic Approaches

March 3: Matt McKeon, Speech Therapist, LSVT/LOUD Certified Provider: Swallowing Issues 

April 6: TBD

May 5: Kim Brooks: Exercise to Improve Body and Brain Function in PD

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