Notes From Our June Meeting

Our June 2 meeting was one full of sharing: what’s going on in our lives, what makes us feel fulfilled, our hobbies, our interests, and our passions. We also shared thoughts and ideas regarding upcoming meetings. We do not meeting during the summer months. Although meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month, our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 8, 2021, the second Wednesday, which falls after Labor Day. (Note there are five Wednesdays that month.)

The general consensus is live meetings are preferable to Zoom, with some members expressing concerns about driving. We are looking into options: County-provided transportation and hybrid-meetings (having in-person meetings accessible via Zoom to members) were two suggestions. More are welcome!

Our founding member has arranged for us to hold our meetings at our pre-pandemic, pre-Covid Reston location. By agreement with the organization, the location is not publicly posted.

This has been a challenging year. I’d like to express my appreciation for (1) Our founding member whose vision, positivity, and enthusiasm created our group six years ago and continues to infuse it with energy and friendship; (2) Our member who stepped up to lead the meetings a year ago, and all the time and hard work she puts into planning, coordinating, and running them; and (3) All of you for your sharing, caring, support, and friendship. It takes a lot of patience, resolve, strength, and courage to manage and live with this disease. I couldn’t do it without all of you!

Below are a few links with more information about some of what was shared in our June meeting plus a PT Open House shared by one of our guest speakers.

One member has been donating books to Better World Books. They are a book reseller with a literacy mission. For every used book they sell, they donate a book to one of their non-profit literary partners through their Book for Book program. There are Drop Box sites in several locations, including Costco in Fairfax.

Another member is feeling good about a free online program she has been participating in, The 30 Day Happiness Challenge. The program started May 15, but it appears from the website you can still sign-up. In signing up, you agree to emails with offers, updates, and information, so if it’s too late to participate now (or you don’t want to play catch-up), they’ll probably send information about the next program. I found an online podcast hosted by the same experts who host the challenge.

One of our members, a self-proclaimed gardening junkie whose latest passion is growing local, native plants in her yard, highly recommends BBC Gardening World for other gardening aficionados or anyone interested in learning more about plants and flowers.

Another member shared information about the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Parkinson Buddy Network she has been participating in. FAQs here.

One of our members recently appeared on Channel 4 news with her neurologist in a report on Telehealth Technology and adjusting DBS devices remotely through a cell phone. Click here to view (after a brief ad).

Lastly, Shirlea North, Physical Therapist at Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness, who was our April guest speaker, announced the opening of their new location in Chantilly. They are having a rolling open house for people to come by from June 7th thru the 25th.  Anybody who comes by can enter a raffle and get great swag! Address is 4299 Chantilly Shopping Center, Ste. 104, Chantilly.  703-844-0690 or email

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