September 7 Meeting Announcement

The votes are in! We will be meeting In-Person!

Thank you for making your In-Person vs. Zoom meeting preferences known. Of the 18 e-mail responders, 11 preferred to meet In-Person, 7 via Zoom. The majority indicated they would attend either meeting format regardless of their preference; 1 member indicated she could attend only via Zoom and 2 were maybe’s for In-Person meetings subject to personal conflicts and other conditions. 

We’d discussed a hybrid meeting format. The next step of researching its viability and how it would be done has not been taken. Neither of us are technically savvy enough to handle this. If there is still interest and anyone wants to take on this responsibility, let us know.

We’ve checked with our contact at our meeting place and they have no Covid requirements at this time. We are not making any either, but please bring a mask with you to wear or not wear as you feel comfortable. 

We ask that you not attend if you have not had two vaccines and one booster, are feeling ill, or have been exposed to anyone who is ill.

Meeting Details: 
        Date:  Wednesday, September 7 
        Time:  1:00-3:00 pm 
        Topic:  Encountering Fear; Group Sharing

FEAR! It comes in all shapes and sizes and varying intensities, from apprehension to nervousness to caution to worry to anxiety to terror. At its worst, fear can be overwhelming or paralyzing. It can cause hesitation, forgetfulness, a sense of danger, and withdrawal from friends and family. We all react and respond to fear in different ways. 

For our September Just Us-Share Time, we are going to talk about fear and its relationship to Parkinson’s. Some questions to get you thinking for our group discussion. What causes fear? What are some of the things you fear? How does fear affect you as you go about your day? Does it influence the decisions you make? How do you handle fear? 

As always, share at your level of comfort. Our intention is to have an open discussion of our personal discoveries and insights along with sharing practical and helpful things that have worked for us in our everyday encounters with fear.

By agreement with our sponsoring organization, we do not publicly post our meeting place.

Dates and topics for meetings through June can be found here

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