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I am looking forward to our upcoming meeting on Wednesday, February 1st, beginning at 1:00 pm with our guest speaker Dr. Randolph Stephenson, Neurologist at the Neurology Center of Fairfax. The meeting topic is Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About Parkinson’s. 

We have put together a few questions to begin the Q & A with Dr. Stephenson. Please bring your questions to the meeting or, if you prefer, send them to us ahead of time. 

Opening Questions for Dr. Stephenson:

1. How do we know which stage of Parkinson’s we are in? Can you give a brief overview of each stage and any adaptations we should consider making, either in preparation for or when reaching the next stage? 

2. Most of us have been dealing with PD for many years. We are not newbies. We’ve experienced adverse effects of medication, including sudden off periods, dyskinesia, dystonia, and sleepiness. Can you briefly review why each occurs and how you treat them? 

3. In addition to exercise, what else potentially slows down the progression of PD or improves quality of life? 

4. In regards to vitamins, supplements, and other complementary care options, such as massage, acupuncture, etc., in your opinion, which are potentially beneficial, which may be harmful, and which are a waste of our time and money? 

5. Are there any new medications or treatments on the horizon you are excited or hopeful about?

Full meeting Information and information about Dr. Stephenson can be found here.  


In addition to holding monthly meetings, the Women With Parkinson’s support group passes along information from time-to-time that we believe could be of benefit. We have no personal experience with and do not endorse any of these resources.

One of our members works full-time and cannot make our in-person meetings. In the spirit of staying in touch and with hopes other members will find it helpful, she’s asked us to post the link to her YouTube channel where she posts a lot of exercise and motivational videos. 

Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center mission is to help people with disabilities get the most out of Medicare beginning with understanding eligibility, coverage, and, most importantly, how to navigate the enrollment process. Their website is full of useful information. You can also contact Jennifer Clark, Virtual Care Advocate, at jennifer@medicareplans.com for more information. 

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