The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Have you dug yourself out of the snow yet? Have you had enough winter? Well, we’re closer to spring every day and I’m really hoping for no more big snows this year. I mean,  it’s going to be 60 degrees on Monday! Are you ready for another speaker? Trudy has asked her Physical Therapist if […]

Inosine, Rytary, Alpha-synuclein…Oh, My!

  If you aren’t familiar with the subjects listed in the title, you must have missed the September meeting.  Look at all you missed! It was wonderful to be back together.   We had a full agenda, including a visit by neurologist Drew Falconer, MD. Dr. Falconer and his partner, Sean Rogers, MD, along with […]

what’s wrong with me? by Dr. De Leon

This interesting article tells the tale of neurologist Maria De Leon, as she fought to discover her own diagnosis. We can probably all relate with her path of discovery for answers. The difficulty of diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease is obvious here, when even a neurologist struggles like we did. Dr. De Leon is also the author […]

Thriving with Parkinson’s Disease

  This is a summary of the talk given by Dr.Stephen Grill, from the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Centers of Maryland,  at the PFNCA Symposium on March 28th, 2015.  Any mistakes are my own.  Slides of Dr. Grill’s talks are now online at the PFNCA site. It is entirely possible to thrive with Parkinson’s Disease. […]

Parkinson’s Disease- Causes, Management, Treatment and Research

As part of our topic, How to Get the Most of Your Neurologist Appointment”, we were fortunate to be able to have Dr. Nicole Dietz speak to our group.  She was very informative, generous with her time and patient with our questions.  She said she’d be happy to return and we would warmly welcome her […]

Coming Up: Meeting on March 4th with Dr. Nicole Dietz

We are very excited  that Dr. Nicole Dietz will be speaking at our next meeting on March 4th.  What an opportunity to learn more about managing your PD medical experience in such an intimate setting with a neurologist. While I asked her to address how to make the most of our neurologist appointments, I’m sure there are other […]

What Would You Ask A Neurologist if You Had a Chance?

Most people with Parkinson’s Disease visit their neurologist every 4 months or about 3 times a year (see how I did the math?  Impressive,right?). Of course, you sometimes need a visit in-between but these are the planned for appointments.  My question is how do we make the most of our regular appointments?  Specifically: • How […]