What Would You Ask A Neurologist if You Had a Chance?

Most people with Parkinson’s Disease visit their neurologist every 4 months or about 3 times a year (see how I did the math?  Impressive,right?). Of course, you sometimes need a visit in-between but these are the planned for appointments.  My question is how do we make the most of our regular appointments?  Specifically:

• How much time does the doctor average with each patient?
• How to prioritize what you tell the doctor.
• What changes are most important to report?
• Should caregivers attend appointments?
• What to ask about new prescriptions.
• Can/should cost of prescriptions factor into what you use?
• What to report about new prescriptions as you begin them?
• What symptoms having nothing to do with PD?
• Can caregivers call between appointments with concerns

What would you ask a neurologist if you had a chance?

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