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Life has certainly changed since we rescheduled our in-person April meeting last spring and met virtually instead. I was unfamiliar with the term social distancing and who had ever heard of Zoom? Now I am grateful everyday for its ability to keep us all in touch with family and friends, and allow our group to continue meeting. If one good thing has come out of the pandemic, it’s the availability of activities that were previously inaccessible due to physical distance. I am especially grateful for the array of online exercise classes and the instructors whose classes I’ve been taking through PFNCA, some in Maryland and DC, areas I’d never have driven to from Fairfax County.

One of our members stepped up and offered to arrange and coordinate our guest speaker schedule for our meetings this year. I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a wide range of interesting topics and speakers. If there’s a topic or particular speaker you wish to hear, let us know. This is our group! And to piggyback on that, if you come across anything of interest online, send along the URL and I’ll post it for everyone to read.

Some of our upcoming speakers want to be sure to address any issues anyone may be experiencing and have encouraged contacting them before their meeting visit if you have any concerns.

Yuliya Jackson, Physical Therapist at INOVA, said they are seeing patients in the clinic and also through telehealth. For anyone concerned about balance, she would be happy to do an evaluation with appropriate doctor orders. Her concern is that with people not getting out as much, many are getting weaker and more unbalanced. She can be reached at 703-391-3642 or via email at

Melanie-Joy H Dorn is an LSVT/Loud certified Speech Language Pathologist, Yoga Instructor, and Professor at George Washington University. She has over 25 years of experience working with people with Parkinson’s to strengthen their voices, improve range of motion for breathing, release tension, and more. She has put together a unique class offering–the only Vocal Yoga class in the entire country for voice dysfunction! Classes are offered twice weekly and held online. More information and to sign up for classes at

Matt McKeon is a certified speech therapist and LSVT/Loud certified provider who specializes in Parkinson’s voice and swallowing issues. He strongly encourages anyone who is experiencing swallowing difficulty address it soon and not wait for his talk. Information about all the treatments and services he offers at

Matt McKeon is also hosting a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2.00-3.00 p.m. EST with Benjamin Stecher, the co-author of Brain Fables: The Hidden History of Neurodegenerative Diseases and a Blueprint to Conquer Them, published August 2020. Ben has young onset Parkinson’s. Diagnosed in his late-20’s and now in is mid-30’s, Ben is an internationally recognized advocate and sought after speaker on Parkinson’s disease. His interviews can be found at I will forward the link to all via email.

Samantha Evans, ND, works with Dr. Laurie Mischley, ND, PhD, MPH, at Seattle Integrative Clinic. Dr. Mischley has been collecting data from people with Parkinson’s enrolled in her Internet-based research study, Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Parkinson’s Disease. The goal of her research, started 7 years ago, is to identify modifiable lifestyle factors associated with fast/slow rate of PD progression. A video of what they’ve learned so far from the study can be found here and a website with one page summaries of the information they have learned linked here.

One of our members asked me to share this article: A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 and an Interesting New Theory has Emerged. She said it is a very interesting read about the Bradykinin hypothesis that she recommends taking a look at.

Another member sent along information on the free virtual Dance for PD classes via Zoom offered by Bowen McCauley Dance Co. The site also provides a link to pre-recorded classes via YouTube.

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